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Default Re: Chicken feed as treat?

I wouldn't bother with Mazuri lab blocks, nor would I bother with Higgins Sunburst. The best food here in the USA is Higgins Vita Garden, which has no fruit(which is best left as a treat for any species, ideally in whole fresh form if it is offered). It isn't organic, but it has no artificial dyes or flavors or other harmful ingredients while offering an appropriate style of food(leaning more towards actual whole food pieces rather than pellets or lab blocks).

In the layer feed you mentioned, I noticed that has menadione. That is one particular ingredient to avoid due to potential for causing negative health effects over time. You'd be better off sourcing high quality whole seeds, grains, etc yourself to add in. These should ideally not be ones found in the main diet(in this case the best as mentioned in the USA being Higgins Vita Garden), but it isn't necessarily horrible if they are(it just doesn't add as much nutrient variety).
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