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Default Re: Hamster who likes to skydive

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
Haha! Yes, that's what hamsters do. They like to eat in their nests and have a big hoard within reach.

Not all of them want to sit on a hand, mine certainly don't and we have to accept their likes and dislikes, same as with humans. Hamsters are lovely little creatures with minds of their own so you may have to adjust to Flossy's ways, lol.
In the year and a half that I have had my Syrian, only TWICE has she willingly sat in my hand for several minutes. Both times I held her in one hand with my other hand slightly cupped over her, and she let me stroke her back or the top of her head. The first time I did that she actually closed her eyes, so I paused and I swear I didnít even dare breathe, it was so heavenly! But 99 percent of the time sheís anxious to get down and do some exploring or running or burrowing or whatever. I just try to enjoy that fact that she never bites me and seems comfortable with me picking her up, even though she so rarely wants to just relax in my hand. The very few times she does, itís just that much more special.
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