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Default Re: Kerry Vs Marrakech Vs ??

Thanks for the advice. Given what you have said, I have decided to change the vents for something a little different. I will copy the side ventilation from the Eco Habitat by drilling 10mm holes in a collection on either side above substrate level (probably two rows). I will mesh the inside behind these to prevent any chewing. They will be staggered with the back air vents of the viv, which will increase the airflow considerably.

From reading, it seems vivariums are designed to change over air around 8 to 15 times per hour, which is adequate to prevent any nasties building up in the air. The humidity is generated by heating pads, water bowls, misting regularly, specific substrates. This all seems to be quite some effort just for reptile keepers to maintain the humidity, so I don't believe high humidity will be an issue. Hamsters also don't produce much urine, so there is not much moisture beyond their daily respiration rates.

Over-heating won't be much of a problem, the climate where I live is usually between 5 deg C and 25 deg C, but the majority of the summer is around 14/15 deg C. For the occasional two weeks of hot weather we get, I could always put the hamster in a temporary habitat with greater ventilation, should the thermometer and hygrometer suggest things are a bit stuffy in there.

I'll keep you updated on the next steps!
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