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Default Re: Kerry Vs Marrakech Vs ??

I'm definitely of the opinion that standard vivariums don't have adequate ventilation. Of course, with a custom made mesh lid they'd have comparable ventilation to a tank with meshed lid. I personally am still not the biggest fan of tanks for ventilation reasons among other issues, but in some cases people do make tank style cages work.

They must have a full mesh lid though, those circular ventilation holes aren't appropriate for rodents. The reason they work so well for reptiles is because reptiles in general often need fairly high humidity, and a mesh lid would not always allow them proper humidity. However, with rodents like hamsters for example that trapping of humidity and inadequate air flow could lead to very big problems such as respiratory illnesses which we want to avoid at all costs through prevention(ie no plastic houses or tunnels, respiratory safe and dust free substrate and nesting material, and proper ventilation that does not allow humidity to build up).

Preferably your ventilation would even extend beyond just a mesh lid and would include at least a couple mesh side panels, but if you'd be incapable of having at least 6 inches of substrate with mesh side panels that would also be an issue to consider.
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