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Default Re: Good cage for a winter white dwarf hamster?

Cadmium is the first hamster I've had in... er... more than a decade, so I don't have much experience with a range of cages/tanks - so feel free to disregard if this isn't helpful.

Cadmium is a "Russian dwarf", so probably a Campbell's/Winter White hybrid and she's in a detolf. If you've got the space (it's a long enclosure) and someone to help you with the initial construction (three glass panels is not a thing best attempted alone) I would recommend it; Cadmium seems happy, there's lots of space for toys and hides, glass sides mean you can have reasonably deep substrate for digging (Cadmium is a burrower) and I was happy with the price for what you get. One caveat; you will need some kind of lid, especially if you opt for deep substrate, to avoid enterprising hams pulling a Houdini. I'm aware some people don't use a lid for the detolf, but personally I wouldn't risk it.
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