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Default Upgrade querie

I have ordered the Savic Sky Metro for Percy the Dwarf Hybrid who currently lives in a home made 70cmx40cm bin cage.
Percy is an adopted, approx 6 mths old hamster who is not tame and bites.
He now comes to the meshed front window looking for treats when i call him while he's out. He has built a tunnel system with a number of entrances which for me are all positives signs.

I need the input and opinions from experienced people, please because i'm still fairly new to the world of dwarves.

Should i rehouse him in the bigger cage next week as planned or should i wait and keep him in the small one? I know there's not always a clear answer regarding cages but i'm so undecided at the moment.

Wheels: i want to get him the wheel my other two hamsters have for his new cage because they are really good ones but which size for a russian dwarf hybrid?

The 7in my Robo happily uses or the 10in my Syrian has in his Alaska?
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