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Default Re: Cohabiting Syrians

Hi chloere93,
May I suggest if you wish to raise Syrians to locate a Hamster rescue and foster care for a female who came to the rescue already pregnant? Rescues always need foster homes and it would allow you to help the rescue open up a space for another in need Hamster. You can have a litter of Hamsters and help the pups become hand tame and more adoptable while not adding more pups into the pet world. A Win win situation. You get to have baby Hamsters, you get to help raise tame and healthy Hamsters and help the public have a way to buy without aiding the for profit breeders of Pet Stores. The Mama hamster gets to enjoy one on one attention, and learns love, her Pups start life on a happy note, and everyone wins. Just a suggestion for you.
Nancy,and The ST's Hamsters
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