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Default Kerry Vs Marrakech Vs ??

Hi all. I am thinking of getting a dwarf hamster, and just wondering about a suitable cage. I like tank style cages, and I am considering the Kerry or the Marrakech. It needs to sit on top of a kallax unit. Currently I have just the 4 unit, which would fit the Kerry nicely. I would be able to make the Marrakech work by getting a 2 x 2 kallax to put next to the 4 x 4 to make it a 3 x 2.

Do you think the Kerry would be big enough for a dwarf hamster, and suitable enrichment? I like it a little more due to being glass all around, so high visibility. That said, I do like the idea that the Marrakech can flatpack for storage.

I currently have a Syrian in a Medium Ecohabitat. I love the Ecohabitat, but definitely could not fit another in the front room. I also upgraded to the Ecohabitat from a 77 x 47 cage for my Syrian as I just couldn't make a good set up in the smaller cage. I don't want to risk having to go through upgrades again, but I also know dwarf hammies need smaller things, which is why I was thinking 75 x 45 might be okay in this instance?

Any advice is much appreciated.
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