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Default Homemade Plastic Box Home


We got a syrian hamster the weekend, called Fudge. Usual story did not do enough research and brought the wrong cage. Please don't ridicual me for this it is what it is .

I've decided to build a temp home connecting to the existing cage and will purchase some more tubes today so the hamster can get down safely to the bottom plastic cage. Long term i'm planning on doing a DIY ikea build.

Any feedback before I put the hamster in it's extended home tonight welcomed. I know its crude think i rushed it a bit and broke the plastic more than I should have. As its so high the box it should be fine, I will make sure the bigger holes are covered up. My biggest concern is little gap by the tube where it has an extra centermeter. I'll use some tape as a temp solution.

Will come back and post photo links as it's not letting me as im a new user.
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