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Default Re: Soil in enclosure?

I would just use plain coconut fiber. Yes, erins animals does use soil, but she's certainly not perfect and not everything she does should necessarily be considered perfectly safe! With coconut fiber, you won't have to worry about all the unnecessary risks that using soil would bring. I would try maybe half a section with a thin layer of pure coconut fiber, so roughly a 20 cm x 20 cm patch from what I remember of Detolf dimensions.

With that product and coco coir(among many other names it goes by)in general, you'd be absolutely certain that it will not cause any problems as long as you don't use tons in a cage, add too much moisture/not let it dry long enough, or have a very unrealistic extremely large amount ingested. I'd still rather see it outside of cages for humidity reasons, but if you absolutely must have something soil-like in a cage it is the way to go. It is digestible, clay free, definitely has no fertilizers or other additives which would be harmful, and happens to be extremely environmentally friendly as a bonus.

It's not as cheap as soil, but it is far safer than taking unnecessary risks. Plus, Amazon also has some bulk options which are cheaper than buying the single brick version from the same company:

Or if you have lots of space they have a huge 5kg/70l option:
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