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I have tried trapping her in a palm sized box and it still doesn't work (she will scramble frantically, so that she is sort of standing upright all the time and I can't really grab her from that angle because I'm also worried about the biting habit she has learnt (from all the stress with the medicines).

I'm paranoid about the cleaning thing because I'd experienced this personally myself before. Doctor told me not to let water go near my injury, I took that at face value and applied prescribed creams without cleaning it - voila, it went from a bad burn to a truly infected black mass that resulted in me being carted off to a specialist in emergency. I really feel it is crucial her wound is cleaned, especially since the vet did tell me to do it. I feel horrible now because I still haven't managed to scruff her and clean her properly. Will try again tonight.

I've read that some scientists say Robos are practically untameable, but I've also seen some people on the internet that did manage to tame their Robos. It may possibly be doable, as mine does allow stroking actually, and would put her paws on my palm for treats. I just didn't take it further by offering my entire palm to her because she would nibble out of curiosity, so I left it at that. Hopefully you are able to keep trying with Gordon (though I suppose it can't be done sometimes, as it really does depend on the hamster) because you never know when it will be necessary to scruff him.
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