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Default Color?

Hi! I have no intention of breeding our hammies but I figured this was the best thread to ask what color each one is The banded girl has darkened a little since we got her but not much. She's a sort of cinnamon color with bright white. Our little boy has us stumped. He's not really like the pics of 'cream' hammies I've seen so I thought maybe black-eyed ivory? But those are described as grayish on the sites I've found and he's sort of peachy if I had to describe what cast his coat is. Outside he looks white...on my white sheets, he looks ivory and when I put him in my lap while wearing beige shorts....he looks beige. His ears are gray. Also, outdoors, his eyes almost look dark blue with a light blue ring. I thought I was imagining it but my kids felt the same. Maybe it was just the way the sun/sky was reflecting. Assuming his eyes are probably just black. Our girl's eyes are reddish but are dark so appear black. Not sure if that's enough info. One was adopted and the other from a pet store so I have no info on parents...
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