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Default Good cage for a winter white dwarf hamster?

I've gotten a winter white dwarf hamster (i think - i know he's a dwarf and he looks like a winter white but im not 100% sure - the petstore didnt have a label???)

i feel like his cage might be too small for long term - as its already crowded with some of the toys i have put in and would like to expand his cage in the future

im just not sure on what cage to get him, i had some ideas such as the Alaska hamster cage from zooplus - but im not sure about having a side door just in case he manages to somehow open it

i know theres bincages - but i dont have the supply's to make one (no sharp knives ETC) so i wont be able to make a bin cage

does anyone know of a (preferably low budget) hamster cage i could get from the UK (also preferrably something i could order online) that would be suitable for my hamster long term

thanks in advance everyone!!! - also sorry if this is in the wrong forum section
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