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Default Re: Cage rage??? Please help!

Tokyo sounds a very scared and stressed hamster, poor little thing.
You won't be able to rush things and you may need to prepare yourself to be very very patient.
She's had a lot to deal with and hamsters are sensitive, shy little creatures. She's moved from the pet shop to your friends in a too small cage displaying typical stress behaviours and now she's moved in with you and needs to adapt to a new lot of smells and sounds plus moving house which will be for the better ut she doesn't know that yet.
She'll probably want to hide to take it all in and adjust to her new world.
You want to bond and make friends but she hasn't got a clue who you are and what your intentions are. She'll quite literally have to sniff you out first, get to know you and then slowly and eventually trust you.
As already said, leave her alone for a few days, just feed and water her but talk to her quietly now and again.
Make sure she has plenty of substrate to burrow in and plenty of places to hide.
Carry some plain white tissue on your body for a few hours and then put it in her cage so she gets familiar with your smell.
I've had my dwarf for over a month now and the closest we came to bonding is him very briefly putting his paws on my fingers to lick up some linseeds up.
Tokio will eventually realize that you are her friend and want the best for her.
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