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Default homemade hamster food

[i am looking for a new food to feed my robo. she was being fed on Burgess but since now it is only pellets i am looking to change her diet. when she was on Burgess she was also having some other seeds and protein added in. i realize now that i did not do enough research into this diet.

i am looking into feeding her a base mix - which will be 2 tspn - of harry hamster since i have heard it is great for dwarfs as well as syrians. even so, i want to add more seeds and some mealworms since it includes no animal protein. i need to look more into a way of doing this but i was wondering if you have any advice?

i am completely new to this so i will either be feeding her just the harry hamster until i have done enough research to be able to transition her onto a homemade diet with harry hamster or keep her on her current diet with harry hamster instead of Burgess depending on what it think is best for now.
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