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Default Re: Henry and Gordon

Yesterday was a bit of a revelation.
I've had Henry since March and got him as a baby so know him really well or so i thought.
In all this time he has never asked to come out of his cage.

Couple of days ago all the late hamster nights caught up with me and i was in bed at 22.30 so by 05.00 i was wide awake and came downstairs.

Henry was sitting on a tunnel by the door looking out of his cage with his paws on the door! I opened the door and he climbed out!! My Henry voluntarily left his cage! Thought i was sleep walking in a weird dream.

At 05.10 Henry was running around the bike room full of beans and enjoying himself. He even came to me when he had had enough. My grumpy, unsociable Henry acting like a normal, friendly hamster!

He is eating, drinking and pooing as normal so he is not ill, lol.

So, my advice to everyone who's hamster doesn't want to get up or come out for out of cage time: Try different times of the night or early morning.
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