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Default Re: Reptile sand,is it ok?

Some brands of reptile sand can be dusty, especially in the past.
However, I would check if it is dusty, I buy a brand (UK) that is not dusty.
And feel it with your hand if it feels too rough or dusty.
Also, check if it has any dye or minerals (calcium is common)

If it isn't dusty or has no additives then it should be safe.
Monitor if you spot them sneezing in the sand or seem distressed.
I and many others use reptile sand with no harm caused.

It can be a useful size if you don't have the space to store large amounts of play sand.
Also, it can take time and space to treat playsand.
Whereas, some safe brands of reptile sand can be used straight out of the bag.
My syrian, robo and hybrid dwarf all use it happily with no distress.
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