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Originally Posted by Creampuff View Post
Okay, thank you! Now I have a few more questions though... What should you put in the playpen (i.e., toys)? How big should it be? When you said you had a big plastic box it occurred to me I could just go to wal mart and get a big plastic tub.
it can be as big as you want, i think mine is something like 100cm x50 cm, its 165litre, a big plastic tub from walmart would be fine. I put all sorts in mine, i swop it around all the time, i have tunnels, some bought some recycled packaging, homemade toys, a wheel, believe it or not they love to jump on and off a wheel that is not in their cage! If you look at some of my videos, you will get an idea of what I put in. Anything they can run through,under or over.
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