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Default Re: Am I a bad hamster owner?

I personally think you're already helping them because the number of people who don't know how to keep hamsters / can't be bothered to give them proper care is overwhelming. I would say hamsters in your area still deserve a good home and if you did proper research, you're still giving them a much better life. Otherwise they may potentially go to other people in your area that don't care about the hamsters, and those people don't have access to a vet just like you.

You're already giving them an advantage if you care. I have personally heard some people saying "if it dies it's okay, it's so cheap I can buy ten more", and I wonder what's wrong with their brains. When I browse online shopping sites, the sales numbers of cotton bedding that I see really makes me feel sick because those people are spending money and effort to get something they thought their hamsters would like, without knowing it's potentially fatal. You can give your hamster a far better home than that, even without a vet.
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