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Hi! New owner alert!

We recently bought a Russian Dwarf from Pets @ Home on the 15th of August. We put her in her new home and left her to acclimatise and settle in. The next evening, we heard a faint squeaking but after a quick google thought it may be normal for a hamster who had just moved home!

Turns out that she had had pups as I discovered a couple days later when I saw her move one across the cage and bury it very quickly. So I've left them alone for the most part but having been seeing more and more of the pups this week.

There are 3 and all have eyes open now and one has ears popped up. Am I right in thinking they must be older than 2 weeks now?
Are there milestones to look out for that can help me age them as I want to have them sexed and separated so there is no chance of another accidental litter but I dont want to separate them from their mum prematurely either.

I keep reading conflicting information about when males reach sexual maturity. Some say 3 weeks and some say 4 but then I'm reading to keep them with their mums for at least 4 weeks ...

I just dont want Crumble to have to endure another pregnancy, poor thing. As lovely as her little pups ( we call them her crumbs) are, we can see she is tired and they are getting so big so quickly so I just want to make sure that I have the right idea of how old they must be so I can have everything in place for when it is time to split them up.
Also can I clean her cage now?

Hope that all makes sense!
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