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Default Re: Is this a good cage?

It’s very expensive for a cage with the length of 98cm. You would have to attach something to the ramps as the wood would be a slipping hazard. I’m looking at the trays on each level and to be honest this cage goes against the natural instincts of a hamster. A hamster creates a nest in the wild then burrows tunnels to house its food and a place to pee. The tunnels can stem as long as 200cm. Burrowing underground is a safe place for your hamster. Us humans provide nesting boxes/house submerged in bedding with a dug out entrance so that our hamsters feels safe. Your poor little hamster might suffer trauma because his burrowing area is broken up into areas where he is potential prey. If you are willing to spend money on a cage go for something with a deep base to submerge your nesting box in and a good length so that your hamster can imitate running along the ground like they do in the wild. Hamsters aren’t built to climb trees really...I’m sure they could but they would be easy prey.
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