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Default Re: Henry and Gordon

Thank you 10 minutes for your reply. This is really very helpful.

I did in fact offer a sunflower seed between my fingers and when he run off i placed it on a bridge. Like Henry, Gordon has a small seagrass ball with seeds stuck in it and he pulls them out then munches them in full view.
He doesn't seem bothered by lights and sounds after living in a pet shop.

What do you feed your Robo?
Gordon was fed on p@h muesli and carrots so i bought this food mix because he's used to it but i'm slowly introducing small amounts of different veg, seeds and mealworms.

He has torn up tissue but doesn't use it for nesting but i'll put some in with my scent on it. His nest may be underground and he uses the house as the entrance or he sleeps in the house. Dunno but that's his business.

Yeah, i'll keep talking to him and take it from there. I didn't know that Robos can jump and was surprised when i saw him jumping into his wheel. He fell out of the wheel a few times the first night (he lands on sand) because he was so excited and jumped about a bit, run circuits in the sand, in and out the wheel etc but last night he run a lot smoother and seems to have found a rythmn.
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