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Smile the return of the ted(dy) thread

hello lovely folks of hamster central. 'tis i, emma, making yet another thread for my mischievous male syrian, teddy.

i have a tendency to forget about these threads and stop posting on them BUT! i promise that will not happen this time! i have recently posted about teddy's new cage setup in the "housing" forum, but i will briefly mentioned it here, as well as attach some photos.

the cage
teddy has been in his 665 sq in., 104-L bin cage for almost five months now. i have just switched to kaytee clean & cozy over carefresh and like it much better. his cage is sectioned off using two bendy bridges, one side with 6+ inches of bedding (depending on how packed down it gets) and the other with around 2-3 in which is optimal for his wheel, water bottle and food dish (he also has some chews down there and on the fuller side). his wheel is the 9 in. silent runner.

his quirky behaviour
i have bought (too) many hides for this fellow. and does he ever use them? no. no he does not. but! i will soon be acquiring a shoe box of some sort to use. tissue box was a no go because it's so light he just flips it over.

he also refuses to chew any wooden stick chews but loves chewing the things he's not supposed to (see the reason i had to take out his ikea knuff, and chewing at the plastic on top of his cage). he does love his whimzee's though! and i got him a new hanging chew because a while ago he destroyed his previous one so let's see if he likes this one as much.

he does not like being held, nor does he like having out-of-cage time in the bathtub, or my bed. he's certainly a look don't touch hamster. and i'm okay with that.


see attached some photos of his cage and the bastard himself. i apologize for the low quality of some, i only have one lamp on in my room at the moment and taking a photo through the outside of his cage does not make for the best quality photograph.

edit: i'd like to note that in the eating photograph it he is fed the vitakraft vitasmart seed mix (i cannot easily get higgins sunburst here in canada) and oxbow pellets (which, once i finish this bag, i will no longer be feeding him. there is not real benefit to them). i also supplement with freeze dried chicken cat treats for protein!
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