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Default Re: Possessive over nesting material

I don't think she deliberately pees on it. She takes the tissue everywhere she intends to sleep, so it looks very scruffy and icky to me, and it may get pee on it from all the dragging around, etc. I saw she liked it, so I gave her more, but she looks stressed now because she has to handle all of it whenever she wants to get in and out of her hide, or if she wants to move all of them to a different hide for a nap.

I don't want her to be so possessive over it.

I could give her plenty more, maybe cover her whole cage with it on top of the substrate, if that will be enough to convince her that she really doesn't have to hoard all.

Alternatively I was wondering if I should just remove the tissue gradually. I want her to enjoy it and maybe hoard some, not go all possessive to the point of stressing herself out by hoarding all of it, so if it's stressing her, I may have to consider not giving her any at all. She loves it, so I am quite loathe to do this, but I really don't want her to get too stressed and/or end up getting stuck/ suffocated.

She doesn't like paper substrate and pushes it all away.

To add or to remove? And anyone able to elaborate on this behaviour so that I understand her better - guesses as to what's going on through her mind, etc. She is a relatively tame hamster (investigates when called, can sit on my hand for treats, allows me to stroke her, but no actual holding and carrying etc).
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