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Default Help/advice regarding chewing.

I became the proud owner of a male Syrian hamster called Roly about a month a go and he is just the most cutest little bundle of fluff. I believe he is roughly 14 weeks old.
I have a lovely large cage for him with lots of goodies but he has never really been interested in chewing. I have tried many different types of chews and recently purchased a whimzee toothbrush after reading many hamsters enjoy them but not my Roly. I tried putting a little peanut butter around it but he just enjoyed licking it off rather than chewing.
I am just a little concerned about his teeth growing if he doesn't chew enough. He loves monkey nuts but I gather they should not have these often due to the fat content in peanuts.
I have two different foods for him, 'Harry Hamster Complete Muesli' (which he leaves a lot of the large bits) and 'Natures Touch Hamster'. He also loves carrot, cucumber, celery, broccoli etc which I feed him a small amount of every other day.
Any advice regarding chewing etc would be much appreciated.
Also, one last question.. I have a 28cm wooden wheel in his cage which he LOVES but this morning there was a thin trail of dry blood around the wheel. I checked all his feet and they don't appear sore but it must have been from his little feet. The wheel appears very smooth but I am now concerned whether this is going to keep happening. I originally chose this wheel for it's size and how quiet it was (i had a couple previously that we just so noisy even though they claimed to be silent!).
Has anybody else experienced this with wooden wheels?
Many thanks for taking the time to read my post and I look forward to reading any replies I may receive.
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