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Default Re: Im confused and scared ive done something wrong.

What kind of scented tissue are you talking about? If the tissue is artificially scented by manufacturers, then please remove it as those artificial scented tissues are bad for her. But if you mean tissue that has your scent on it, it's ok. Preferably just let her settle down for a week before you add anymore tissue with your scent on it.

I think she's being aggressive because the cage is too small for her, hopefully she will calm down soon enough after she has a big cage. I know you are excited to play with her, but do give her some time and a try to get her a better environment. The cage should be first priority, then you can slowly work on the toys.

As she has no toys, give her plenty of substrate to play with, you need to pile it up really high (6 inches) - what bedding are you using for her? Please do not use cedar or pine wood shavings as those are bad for her.

Oh, and in case you don't have one, an exercise wheel is mandatory. You must get her one immediately, and it has to be big enough for her so that she doesn't arch her back. Hopefully someone else can comment on the proper wheel size, I find it hard to suggest one, because you aren't sure what breed you have.

If she is a robo, I don't think she should be in a ball at all. I don't own other breeds so I can't say for those, but I think the chance of injury in a ball is very much higher if she is a robo. Maybe you can try to return the ball and get your money back.

Try and get photos that will fit the dimensions? It would help a lot.

Once you have sorted out her basics, I'm sure Skelly will be very happy to have a caring mum like you.
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