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Default Re: Im confused and scared ive done something wrong.


My advice would be to step back, take a breath and let Skelly settle in for a few days and at the same time you can settle in too. All is going to be fine once you both become familiar with each other. No need to rush things.

As for the tissue, I can tell you that my hamster Theodore absolutely loves tissue and whenever I put a new little mound in his cage he will stop whatever he's doing and start chewing and gathering it for one of his nests. He almost dives into it like you would into a pile of leaves! I like to leave a pile every so often somewhere in his home before I go to bed and in the morning it will be gone. I think what you're describing is Skelly being happy to find some tissue to add to her nest. I would not assume/worry that the way she was treating the pile of tissue was what would happen to your hand. Its two different things.

Anyway, your concern shows that you care so don't worry and enjoy your new found friend - when the time is right.
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