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I don't think we can possibly rescue them all, but if enough awareness is raised, hopefully there will be new laws, rules, and regulations.

Like how human rights have evolved - compare ancient slavery with the situation now, where it is illegal for employers to abuse employees. Some regulations can be very specific, down to ensuring each employee has a certain amount of floor space available, etc. Maybe one day they will have regulations mandating minimum floor space for animals too. It's simple, if people can't afford to abide by the regulations, just don't have a pet. Hamster privilege is not a human right, if you can't be nice to your pets, your hamster privileges must be revoked.

And with the evolution of education, I hope that in future pet store employees will require some form of prior education in pet care, or at least the manager on duty. I mean, more and more jobs are gradually requiring some form of qualification nowadays, it should hopefully extend to pet stores. The law could also help with this by ensuring there is always a manager on duty with the necessary qualifications, such as how you can't just sell certain medicines in a drugstore without a pharmacist on duty.
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