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Thumbs down Im confused and scared ive done something wrong.

I didn't know what to title this, so the title probably scared you.
I read the taming guide and read about the 'scented tissue' method. I've had skelly since Friday (4th august 2019) and I left her for the Friday and obviously I was really excited to start handling my little baby. On the Friday, she was letting us pick her up as we had to put her in her ball and cage that day and then on saturday I was too scared to pick her up In fear of being bitten so I got my sister to do it, she bit my sister twice which is understandable.
Therefore I left her again and on the Sunday I washed my hands and put my hands in (at 5pm may I add lol as I know the evening is the best time to handle them) and yeah she bit me but it wasn't that bad and then yesterday (Monday) I was wayyy too nervous to put my hand in again so my mum did and ofc she bit her. I gave her some carrots yesterday to just give her a treat and only today has she been eating them
Never the less, last night I had a full on melt down about it because I kept thinking I'm pathetic and a failure due to my anxiety lol and obviously I read the taming guide.
So. That brings us to today, 6th august 2019, where I started the scented tissue. I had it in my bra for like two hours lol while I went out and then I've just put them in her cage 20 minutes ago. This is where I got frightened...
So when I first put one in, she went over to it quickly then ran away scared. so I continued putting them in and then she like continuously bit them and ripped at them as if she was fighting them and I got scared because she's only 6 weeks old and I never knew if she was meant to do that. She bit the ones in her food bowl and things and it genuinely made me scared because I didn't want her to become overwhelmed with a new scent as she has made it her territory...
Its been 15-20 minutes and she's back on her wheel, doing her own thing and in her tube. She took it into her tube (where she usually sleeps on a night, not a boredom tunnel like the plastic tunnels on the cage) and left it then went back to it and started biting it again. Now she's just kind of grooming herself and things which I think I was told means she's marking her territory or something??
I just need advice because I don't know if her reaction was normal or not because clearly that's what she was going to do with my hand lol...
please somebody reassure me and give me advice as this is my first time actually 100% being a hamster mum.
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