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Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
It may be the heat that made him decide to nest in the toilet - if it is near the door (air) and sand will help cool. I would wait till the hot spell passes as he may move his nest to another part of the house then when itís cooler. Also think youíre doing well with taming gradually
I didnít think of that! The heat makes sense. It will start easing off slightly towards end of October. The toilet is opposite the entrance so will move it when itís cooler. Iím handling him every other day but very slowly and only using the mug for now. I will put him in the bath tonight and place his massive log in and some coconut hides and entice him with the other half of his walnut. I gave him a treat two days ago.

Thanks again for the advice☺️☺️
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