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Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
Haha!! Ragna sleeps in his toilet! That so reminds me of Henry turning his big plastic toilet into a food shop.

If you ever want to read up on the carry on i had with Henry and his toilet arrangements read my thread "hamster is peeing in his house" on page 6 under Behaviour in the forum.

I think you are doing well taking taming slow. You could transport him in his cup to the bath tub and sit in there with him or a play pen, just for a very short time but you'll know yourself when the time is right.
Hahahaha...I will go and find your thread. Im going to do that...take him to the bathtub and do some bonding time with him. I literally rolled my eyes when I looked inside and the toilet had been hidden. That wasn’t a small toilet either.
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