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Default Re: Is my hamster cage okay?

Yeah I understand what youíre saying, his previous home was 100x60 cm and the main reason I got that cage was due to the size. Itís just sort of confusing since everyone has different opinions, like people on here seem to really love cages like the Kerry terrarium from zooplus even though it is still rather small and just meets the minimum, so whatís the difference between that cage and mine? Like Iíve said, I love owning hamsters but my parents not so much so I canít reallt build a massive diy cage (although Iíd love to) but I also donít want to stop owing hamsters. Everyone just has a lot of different opinions about hamster care and cage sizes. My hamster does seem perfectly happy in this cage I just worry a lot and I donít just want to stop owning hamsters after this one
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