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Default Re: Is my hamster cage okay?

I like your set up, it is very beautifully done. Your hamster is such a gorgeous snowy colour too. I do think the bin cage size is fine as long as he doesn't show signs of boredom or distress.

By adding another level, do you mean you will stack one bin cage on top of another? If so, please ensure that you cut out the sides of the bin cages and cover them with mesh to provide sufficient ventilation! I couldn't help noticing that your current bin cage doesn't seem to be cut at the sides at all, so ventilation might not be that great. I didn't know about the importance of ventilation, but after listening to the advice of the people on this forum and also reading up, I would strongly suggest you do get more ventilation for him. Especially if you plan to stack the cages, as the current only source of air is the top (from the photo, though I can't see in the photo if one side of the cage is cut for ventilation) and it will be blocked out completely with stacking. Sorry if you already knew this, I was just a little worried because I didn't know if you are able to cut the sides or not, and there wasn't any mention of it.

If you are able to create good enough ventilation and your parents are okay with it, I don't see why adding a bin cage would be a problem since you have extra. Maybe just try to ensure he has food and water on both levels.
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