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Default Re: Please Meet Theodore

Hello All

So Theodore turned 1 years old a couple of weeks back and for his birthday I got him a Vet appointment! LOL I figured he already has everything that he needs, and since he's never had a check-up the one year mark seemed right. I was a little worried that it would stress him as he's never left the house since he arrived almost a year ago but I must say, he was a real little trooper and if I didn't know better I'd say that he actually enjoyed himself! Since the Dr was only about 20 minutes away, I fixed him up a little travel box with substrate from Theordoreville and threw in a Whimzee. I could tell in the car all was well as the box was still and I'd expected to see panicked rattling around.

When we got to the Vet, she lifted the lid but he was buried deep so it looked like nothing was there. Just as the Dr was saying "where is he?" a little nose poked up and out crawled Theodore. He was on his best behavior .... I was very proud of him. The Dr was very impressed with how calm and friendly he was and how easy it was for her to handle him. In the end we both got top marks .. he for his friendly demeaner and good health and me for looking like I knew what I was doing (thanks Hamster Central!!).

The ride back went just as smoothly and when we got home, he still was chill. When I put him back into Theodoreville, I dropped the Whimzee in to to say thanks for being such a good sport ... which he immediately took and hid in his favourite hiding spot and then he headed off to sleep as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

"Thanks Hamster Dad" he said as he disappeared into his hide ... "You're welcome Theodore" I answered.

And so it goes ....
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