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Default Re: London breeders & and travelling with baby hamster

Originally Posted by Coco61 View Post
You must mean Tuftyfluffs in Borehamwood. My current boy Syrian came from her. She certainly bred winter whites for a while but I am uncertain if she is still doing so.
I don't think Kent has a breeder. The list of breeders can be found on the National Hamster Club's website or the Southern HC.
Yes, thats the breeder I messaged as well - wasn’t sure If she is still breeding since a lot of posts regarding her was from good couple years ago so thank you for reassuring me. I do hope she will reply soon.

The breeder that I currently have reserved hammy in Gloucester is from NHC yes. I do have a carrier already and cage is almost set up (just waiting for ordered bedding and couple toys). Thank you for the tip regarding scent - I will definately do that. Also putting things in perspective of travelling to hamster shows (which I didn’t think of) it does make me a bit calmer.
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