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Default Re: DIY IKEA HAMSTER CAGE 1,749Sq Inches

Originally Posted by Schwartzie View Post
Wow! Great cage! Loved the video! The best part about that cage is the fact that it can take a good depth of bedding. It looked like you had a Syrian in there. People have different views on the depth of bedding but for a Syrian to enjoy burrowing etc you need between 7 and 10 inches with more being the best option. If you can go more than 10 inches your hamster is in burrowing Utopia. You can really use that to your advantage. Go look on YouTube at how people actually place tunnels against the glass under the bedding so they can see their hamster burrowing.
I did mention in that video that Mercury is old but I didn't say how old he is coming up on 3 and a half and he doesn't do much anymore I usually try and give my hamsters 6-12 inches that was more of my motivation for building this new cage as my Billy XL was oblt 28cm high my new cage is 40cm high so I have the space as you said to have lots of substrate, i will have lots of substrate in this cage at some point but for Mercury at the moment he isn't interested in very much not even burrowing he is very unstable on his legs also so burrowing for him is difficult and I haven't seen him dig in months. But I mean for 3 and a half he looks great. Thank you for your advice and you will eventually see this amazing cage put to its full potential in the future at some point.

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