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Default Re: Safe sand bath for dwarf hamster - 2019

Originally Posted by PurpleKat View Post
I buy the non-dyed desert for reptiles, get it from pets at home. Found it's consistently less dusty, had 5 bags now. I have a Syrian and a russian dwarf, both use it as a toilet and rolling in. It's not fine like chinchilla dust but sandy texture.
Thank you for the reply! I will look into it when I go to Pets at Home later today. Iíve read some concerns regarding calcium in the sand meant for reptiles which could be harmful to hamster, do you know anything about thatís?

Also Iím assuming that this sand doesnít have to be baked (reptile one)? I would prefer to buy this 5kg rather than 15kg Argos play sand due to storage reasons.
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