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Originally Posted by Shannonmcn View Post
Oh what a gorgeous boy! Now wasn't that worth the wait Schwartzie!

He looks like a lovely chunky fella, I very much like a chunky ham.
I was having a good laugh remembering back to the threads where I was whining about the size of the cage and how a I was going to find space for a large cage. A lot has happened since then - lol! You have been amazing! Oh, question...I gave him 1.5 tbsp of the mazuri food and vitasmart. I am not sure about how to measure then pellets? Do I mix the two bags together into a jar then shake it so that the pellets are mixed then scoop 1.5tbsp? Is that the best way to do it? I was scratching my!

I didnít see him last night but the whimzee moved and he has used the pot plant holders all along the bottom of the cage. I wish I could see him network of amazing!
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