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Default Let's talk Platforms! Anyone used turtle docks?

Has anyone used turtle docks as platforms for their dwarf hamsters? Mine is a Roborovski so I'm kinda concerned that she might get her feet caught in those holes. There's no indication as to the sizing of their holes. How do you usually fill in holes like these, if at all?

I like this because it has a small built-in bowl thingie, and I was thinking of putting some water in there (she will have a water bottle as well, this is more like some back-up). Any thoughts?

Please also share your own ideas for DIY and re-purposed items for platforms and/or ladders, ramps etc., because I was hoping to set up some platforms for her in her bin cage. I'll place the platforms at a low level and avoid any hard objects near the area, so she won't injure herself even if she falls off them onto the substrate.

P/s: I would prefer something I can wash and not cardboard stuff, because I'll have to keep re-making cardboard if she pees or poops on it.
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