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Default Re: Living World Eco vs Ikea Detolf

They are both great. Personally I would prefer a detolf - but some hamsters even chew the inner bars in those! You can get round that if it happens (they are thick bars so it's not that common) by wrapping sisal string round the detolf bars - that's a deterrant and also safe to chew. The detolf on top of kallax units is a good height and not too deep so I think more accessible in a way.

I think she may chew the wood corners on the eco habitat and I would find it a pain to put metal corner strips in. As it's much taller and access would be from the top, that would be something to think about in terms of interaction. Although the detolf is top access also, with it being longer and less deep heightwise, you can kind of come in at a better angle (if that makes sense!). I couldn't get on with top access at all when I had a tank style, but if it's bigger/longer (than the Kerry Terrarium I had) it would be easier.

So out of the two I would go with the detolf. But the safest bet for a chewer and the space may be the Linmon cage mentioned above.
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