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And... The bin cage is finally done. My father-in-law did it single handedly, I just told him what I wanted and stood by handing him cable ties. Really sweet of him to do this for my little Louise.

Couldn't find wired mesh, so I bought these kitchen rack panels instead. Pricey but worth it if my Louise is comfortable and safe. And yep I decided to do the sides as well to give her ventilation. It looks safe enough with the kitchen rack panels, at least there are no sharp wires sticking out. The cut plastic edges have been filed down too.

Thank you all for your help, at least my Louise has her space to run around now. She came out of her small cage and ran around the bin once, then went back to her small cage. I'm going to wait as many days as it takes till she's comfortable with relaxing outside before I remove her cage. <3
You made a plan...well done! Is there enough space between the floor and where the grid starts? Will the bedding not fall out? Really good idea to use a kitchen rack. Very neat and well done.
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