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You should be able to mesh side vents without sharp edges ok. If the mesh overlaps the outside of the cut plastic and is the mesh edges are then stuck down with masking tape.

The cut edges of the plastic you can easily smooth with a bit of sanding paper - would only take about 10 minutes. Have a look at some of these below for ideas. I actually think you do need ventilation front, back and top - ventilation is really important.

Even without tape over the external mesh edges, a robo is very unlikely to be able to get out between the mesh and plastic if fixed with cable ties. Our robo is in a barred cage (7mm bar spacing) and wouldn't be able to get through the bars.

I'm guessing you're in the US? Our robo is in this cage (without the metal grid shelf). It's a very good cage and I like the big front opening door - makes it easier to interact with the hamster. It's not cheap though.
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