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Wow... I love your travel box, it's just so pretty and sweet! Neatly done too, as if it was factory made and store bought. Mine probably won't look half as nice but I'd be happy as long as it is functional, safe, comfortable. I really can't find any big cages here (the ones for birds or rabbits are not suitable).

Whoa, the Samla range looks great. I've had my eye on one elsewhere but it wasn't that ideal, about 458 square inches only and I was still trying to look up more. I'm so glad you pointed me to this range, now I have better options.

Hmm. Your comments make sense. I'll think I will put the cage in the bin first so she can acclimatise at her own pace... She is very very new and had quite a stressful move-in. After that, I will have to reconsider leaving it in permanently once she's gotten used to it. But how do I clip on the water bottle if I remove the cage and there's no wire/mesh on the sides of the bin? In fact, the gaps of the mesh I am planning to use is a little small so I can't clip anything on it.

h and yep, the mesh should be the small type, that was a bad drawing of mine, sorry! I know why you suggested putting the mesh on the underside, because she won't be able to push against it and escape that way. But if the mesh is on the underside, I'm worried the ends might be a tad sharp... I will try to file them down of course but I'm quite paranoid about doing something wrong. How do you treat the ends of the mesh?
I have attached a picture of the rabbit cage I bought. It was cheaper than the biggest samla bin at IkEA. Itís 100cmx50cm...I used bendy wire mesh to put over it. I cut along where the doors were etc.

If you search on this forum attaching water bottle to bins you will come up with threads that cover that. If you canít find anything look on YouTube. Your hamster shouldnít be anywhere near the top of your lid where the mesh would be because itís high up. If you are worried sand them down a bit.

Please send pictures of what you decide to exciting!
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