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Default Re: Sand bath alternative

Originally Posted by Schwartzie View Post
Hi Shannon☺️☺️

Have added coco fibre to my next shopping list. Do your hamsters enjoy it? I take it you have it in a section of the cage? Do you mix it or just have it on its own in the digging box? Do you soak it? I saw it also on Erins Animals and liked it.
I have it just in a dig box for Jin. She went nuts digging in it for a day or so but now mostly just uses it as a bin for her peanut shells. Going to try Goose with it this weekend maybe so perhaps he'll take to it more!

I wet the block in shallow water and worked at it until it all broke up. If you use the amount of water it tells you to on the bag it'll take a month to dry naturally. Then it went in an old cage pan and left to sit in a sunny spot, I mixed it up occasionally over a few days and gave it to her very slightly damp.
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