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Default Re: Naming theme set?

Originally Posted by AmityvilleHams View Post
In some situations a naming theme works out really well, but in others any pet just seems to name themselves like my Syrian Bambi and so many other wonderful hamsters and pets in general!

I would suggest a broad theme if you can do that, or if there are themes that happen to be quite specific and can get a bit limiting with name options when you might need lots of different names then have several options available instead of just one theme. I am quite biased towards Norse mythology though
My Chinese used to be named after the more narrow category of musicians but I opened it out to other areas of entertainment after Matthew was born and I wanted to name him after a character from Downton Abbey.

I'm planning a couple of regal names for future Chinese and possibly some traditional names too but I'm planning to use Biblical names for future Robos and either Weather or Roman names for anything else.

it's funny that you say that some hamsters name themselves and Lord James was one of those... I had originally planned to call him Jim but when I met him it really didn't suit him so he became Lord James instead.
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