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Default Re: Would these be safe for a hamster to chew on?

Hey, not sure about the toys on top, did you buy them? As for the ones below, houses like that are seen as really dangerous here in germany for the following reasons:

- They often have far too small entrances (like in this image)
- They are often made with staples that can stick out of the sides and hurt the hamster, or if he/she chews and reaches a staple, it can injure them
- Resin can come out of the wood and, if a hamster chews it, it can stick to the inside of its pouch (I've seen resin in one of the ones I had back when I didn't know about it, but luckily, my hamster didn't chew it)
Finally, for the same reason as why pine bedding is dangerous (and because itís a house and they sleep in it, they get exposed to it a lot)

I'd recommend getting cork logs, I've had quite a few hamsters who have really enjoyed chewing them, plus they are far more natural Have a great day!
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