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Smile teddy's thread!!

a place for me to keep (and share!) update on my male syrian teddy!

some facts about him:
- he is around 7-8 months old i think?? he was returned to the pet store by different owners before i bought him and i've had him for almost 6 months.
- he currently lives in a bin cage that has around 665 sq in of floorspace!!
- i feed him vitakraft vitasmart and oxbow pellets, supplementing with freeze dried chicken cat treats as well
- i use carefresh bedding for him
- he has a 9" silent runner, and his back does not curve at all
- he doesn't like getting picked up very much, but will take treats from my hand and will let me stroke him if he is busy eating
- he doesn't chew his wooden toys very much, but absolutely loves his whimzees!
- he is also a quirky fellow and refuses to sleep in a house, he just picked a corner of his cage
- recently (aka today) he started un-pouching food into his wheel?? don't know what to do about that

i'll probably update this thread as time goes on
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