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Default Re: How do I get my hamster to run on his wheel?

Hi there,

Here are some questions that might help you find ways to assist your dear little hamster. The wheel - is it in a place in the cage that is easily accessible to your hamster? My cage has been put on a table that has a corner that is directly in line of someone walking around the corner so we are closing up the back of the cage as to not scare him or her. Does the wheel turn with ease? Is your wheel big enough for your hamster? If you search threads here on the forum that pertain to wheels the same piece of information crops up...too small means a hamster with a sore back which will in time stop him or her from wanting to or being able to run on the wheel.

Biting the bars...there is lots of chat here about how to keep your hamster entertained. Biting bars is mainly a sign that the hamster is bored, anxious or just unhappy with something going on or not going on in its cage. When last did you take it to the vet? It might be a good idea to take it to the vet if you are worried about it’s teeth. How big is your cage? What do you have going on that is fun and stimulating for your hamster in its cage?

There is a thread here under housing that has pictures of owners cages and their fun and creative layouts that you can look at to get ideas. There are many other threads on homemade toys, hamster cage sizes, correct diet etc.

My advice is to start with one thing at a time and work your way along. Start with the wheel and cage size then move onto what you have in your cage then the diet etc.

Just the wheel and cage size alone will go a massive way in creating a fun and safe home for your hamster.

This forum has been amazing for me learning as much as I can before getting a hamster. Look forward to seeing pictures of how you can turn your cage into a place where the last thing on your hamsters mind would be to go anywhere near the bars.
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