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Oh, Mistress Poppy, you do make me laugh! Oops, I don't mean that to offend anybody, especially a smart hamster who knows her mind and knows the score as well as you do.... Hang onto your personality and convictions, and trust that eventually Big Paw will see that your preferences are the most important thing. He'll probably keep trying new foods on you -- he really is just looking to see what makes you happy -- but maybe, just maybe he'll make sure to ALWAYS include at least one of your favorites. And for the awful black flashing thingy, I'm afraid that might not go away anytime soon.... But try to see the bright side (no pun intended) -- he gets to show you off to other hoomans who are interested in hamsters, too. You get to be the star of the show on the ham-net! That isn't an entirely bad thing, don't you think...?
Good luck with it all, and don't let go of the courage of your convictions. That's what hamsters are known for!
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