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Default Re: best food (canada) for my syrian?

Hi, yes unfortunately oxbow pellets are not suitable for a hamster diet. Any pellet diet isn’t suitable but I think the oxbow one has more grass in which isn’t ideal.
They need a seed mix for variety. I’m not sure where this myth is coming from that hamsters cannot just eat a seed mix either - most mixes are just a bit short on protein which can be sorted by adding some mealworms/shrimp/freeze dried chicken. If the seed mix is that unbalanced that a pellet is required then it isn’t going to be a good mix to feed in the first place! Don’t think I’d feed the vitakraft mix.
Unfortunately I’m not very knowledgeable with Canadian mixes but I think the Higgins vita garden should be available and would be ok. An extra insect or two a day and I would supplement it daily for added interest - veggies and extra seeds go down well. If you do decide to go with a pellet alongside that probably make sure it has a higher level of protein and ensure that they are only fed in small amounts.
As for treats, natural is better as you want to avoid all the high fat and sugar commercial treats really. Seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, linseed/flax, hemp go down well. A good variety of veggies as frequent as daily is good too. Whimzee dog chews are good for gnawing on and they tend to like them if you want something to keep him occupied. Nuts go down well, in the shell ones work as a boredom breaker eg peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts. Pine nuts, cashews too.
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